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Why Should You Care About Heart Disease?

The truth is that heart disease is slaughtering women. Heart disease will claim more women’s lives than all women’s cancers combined. Read more »


Moving More With This Gadget

Moving more is the theme of my new year. You see, I’m in a war with sitting. Read more »

Rocky Brook Falls

Moving More with Sunset Magazine

Sitting is the new smoking, so what are you doing to move more for your heart? Read more »

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The 8th Principle of a Heart-Healthy Woman

I often end my speeches with the 8 Principles of a Heart-Healthy Woman and it is the last one that means as much… Read more »


PBS Health Experts –Confusing or Consistent?

I’ve been studying the health experts on PBS… Read more »

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5 Ways to be Heart-Healthy Over 50

Recently I was interviewed by Susan Tolles, founder of Susan asked me to discuss 5 ways to be heart-healthy over 50. Read more »


How Can This Help Patients Heal?

It’s Nutrition Month and coincidentally… Read more »


Celebrating the Mediterranean Diet at Allrecipes

Last week, in celebration of the Mediterranean Diet, I was co-host for the American Heart Association Go Red for Women event at the allrecipes headquarters in Seattle. Read more »

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8 Great Tips From The Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle

My message about diet is simple. Exchange diet for lifestyle. Diet represents deprivation and that simply isn’t sustainable. Read more »


Doritos, Super Bowl, and Duping Moms

I’m a fan of the Super Bowl commercials even when my team isn’t in the big game. (However, I am a Seahawk –need I say more?) So, this year I watched not only the commercials, but the brilliant marketing ploy of the Doritos company. Read more »