I just read a post on the Step-Mom’s tool kit facebook page about removing the word ‘should’ from our vocabulary for expectations on Mother’s Day. You know – he should know that I want x, y, & z or my kids should know I like this or that. Yikes, doesn’t sound like a very joyful setup for anyone.

Mother's Day 2013

You may recall that last Mother’s Day I wrote about my now grown daughter’s conversation with me the previous year encouraging me to rev up my exercise. There wasn’t any ‘should’ involved in her message, just a gentle nudge I took to heart.


This year my daughter asked what I would like (smart woman), and I replied, “A hiking adventure.” She’s delighted to fulfill the request instead of guessing about a ‘should’. And the best part? She’s in charge of all the arrangements. I just have to show up.


By getting rid of what we think people ‘should’ know would please us and instead accepting responsibility for letting them in on the secret, everyone wins. (although surprises are still a treat)


Feeling burdened with ‘should’?

Lately, I’ve been hearing that many of you just feel like you’ll never get in better health. For all the diets you’ve been on, you ‘should’ weigh even less than your ideal weight, right? Or, maybe you know you ‘should’ care more about meal time, but it’s easier to just eat out and avoid going into the kitchen at all?


Great News for Mother’s Day!

We are lifting the burden of ‘should’ and unveiling our Well-Fed Heart Joyful Kitchen Makeover just in time for a Mother’s Day Gift – not because you ‘should’ eat more heart-healthy, but because you want to be your joyful healthiest.


I hope you’ll consider this gift for your circle of women – you know who they are – including you!


Together, we will make your kitchen over from pantry to freezer, so you can say good-bye to diets forever and fall in love with meal time again. We’ll work together to give your kitchen the clean sweep you know it needs and you deserve. You’ll end up with good food choices that create joyful eating, because you know my mantra, “If you take care of your heart, then it will take care of you.”


It’s time – you know it is

Mother’s Day gives us this special time to kickstart something new for our ‘sisters’ and ourselves. Consider this limited special offer not because you ‘should’ but because it feels right.


Meanwhile, I’m going to find my hiking shoes…


Remember, if I can do it, you can, too!

Susan Levy
Publisher, Well-Fed Heart

This week’s featured recipe:

Heavenly-Pancakes-with-Cherry-Pom-Compote-e1296953886526 Heavenly Pancakes with Cherry Compote


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