How to Love Your Leftovers


iStock_000002268728XSmallAre you one of those people who turns up her nose at leftovers?


In our effort to cook once and eat twice, it’s really important to embrace last night’s dinner for a meal the next day.




Will your leftovers be enhanced by any of these ingredients?

1. Bean or lentils under the dish

2. Wilted greens or a salad

3. Lean protein

4. A good source of fat like avocado slices or slivered nuts


Last night we had the Crustless Spinach Quiche. It was absolutely delicious with the creamy ricotta center over the mushrooms and dark leafy greens.  We also had some asparagus that we wanted to use up, so we added that, too.


But since we only ate half, the question was, “What to do with the leftovers?”


The Self-Anointed Leftovers Queen

This is a title that works for me because I absolutely love leftovers – thinking about how to make them even more delicious than its first serving.


This morning for breakfast I reheated the quiche with ¼ cup of cooked red lentils and served them in a bowl over more dark leafy greens braised in water. It made me feel that this dish was “new all over again” – colorful and nutrient dense.


Remember, it’s not how many calories are in the dish, but making your calories count.


Are you a Leftovers Queen? Please dish on one of your favorites – the original and the next day re-invention.




If I can do it, you can too.

                                                         Susan Levy
                                           Publisher, Well-Fed Heart

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