The Red Carpet season is upon us and that made me think about one of my favorite youngish personalities — Gwenyth Paltrow. 


Recently, Gwenyth wrote in GOOP, her e- newsletter, that she hasn’t had time yet to cleanse this year, and she’s thinking a lot more about making her food choices count with better nutrition.


Geez, Gwenyth – I’ve been doing the same thing, too!  Why cleanse when I can eat real food that’s good for me all year round?


And, while I’m thinking about good food, why not make some fundamental changes.  After all, our choices in food can create up to 80 or 90% of our good health – preventing many diseases and conditions.  Yep, it’s up to us.



When making any change, first, ask yourself –

Are my new choices attainable and sustainable?  


Maybe it’s time for one or more of these five ideas:


1. Ditch the pasta, white or not, in favor of more densely nutritious whole grains, beans and lentils


2. Say no to soda, diet or not, in favor of good ol’ H20.


3. Sayonara to pre-made frozen dinners and instead cook enough of one meal we love, so there are always heart-healthy leftovers to freeze or have for the next day.


4. Experiment with new flours that are more nutritious than whole wheat and white.


5. Toss boxed cereals, because oatmeal and muesli with nuts, chia and flax seeds are so much more nourishing.


Are you ready?


Please feel free to share your ideas below.


And, Gwenyth, see ya’ on the Red Carpet!   I’ll be the one at home popping those frozen blueberry treats…. Remember, if I can do it…  you can too.


                                                        Susan Levy
                                                 Publisher, Well-Fed Heart

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